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Realbid lets you build a diversified portfolio that generates rental income, appreciation, and tax benefits.

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Construct a high-quality portfolio with unique benefits

Get access to exclusive real estate opportunities and invest your own way within minutes

Downside Protection

Instantly sell your shares back to Realbid for 95% of your original cost.*

Tax Benefits

Enjoy all of the tax benefits of real estate, including depreciation losses.

Income with Appreciation

Enjoy rental income while you benefit from appreciation.

Invest Flexibly

Buy full shares or even fractions of full shares from just $10.

Explore our marketplace to see how you can diversify

Diversify your portfolio with a range of different types of real estate

Understand what you're investing in with our tools

Perform your analysis with a rational view

We surface the most important market data so you can gain full insight into each opportunity before you invest.

How far is this property from a nearby school?

Who are the largest employers around?

What is the trend in local rent prices?

Which type of people live in this area?

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See how each opportunity stacks up

Dive into the key assumptions behind each opportunity and compare them against other investments.

How does the return on this investment compare?

Is this an old building which might need lots of repairs?

Are the rent projections on the business plan realistic?

What does the leverage on the debt look like?

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Get comfortable with the humans behind the shares

We've layered in rich information on each sponsor so you can do your due diligence before investing.

Is this a location the team has experience in?

How long have they been doing this for?

Have they lost investor money before?

Is this a new asset class for the sponsor?

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